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About the Rhododendron:
Rhododendron, common name for flowering plants of a genus of the heath family. The genus contains some 850 species, the majority of which are cultivated. Native to the temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere, rhododendrons are most abundant in the Himalayas, southeast Asia, and the mountains of Malaysia. Cultivated species can now be found on all continents. Rhododendrons exhibit great variety in size, habit, and flower color. They range from small, ground-hugging shrubs to small trees, and from white to pink, dark-purple, or yellow flowers. Most species are evergreen—that is, they retain their foliage throughout the year. The deciduous species of rhododendron, those that lose all of their foliage each year, are known in horticulture as azaleas.

Scientific classification: Rhododendrons make up the genus Rhododendron of the family Ericaceae.